Jalles Agroindustrial most noteworthy milestones


Jalles Agroindustrial was launched as an export-import trade centre of Canada and the United States, located at 335 Bay Street in the Financial District of Toronto, Canada. We rented one small office and started executing commission and brokerage deals in the Canadian pulses industry. It took 11 months to close our first brokerage deal of chickpeas.


In 1994 we expanded our Canadian pulses business on the brokerage side after we successfully fulfilled over 100 containers of pulses in Italy.


Jalles Agroindustrial expanded its beans business.


We expanded again in the seeds and pulses sectors.


Jalles Agroindustrial moved its operation to 425 University Avenue and occupied 2000 square feet of office space.


We established our own full-scale documentation department to prepare all banking and ocean freight documents to effectively participate in the trading business.


Jalles Agroindustrial launched its Fiberglass Division, supplying to Canadian manufacturing companies.


Jalles Agroindustrial established its own end-to-end Logistics Division, built a relationship with SGS and several inspection companies, and started holding fiberglass in warehouses across Canada.


  1. Our Food Division expanded and began trading grains and dairy products including cheeses, milk powders, etc.
  2. We established our own dedicated IT and Financial Departments in an office setting.
  3. Jalles Agroindustrial built excellent business relationships with financial institutions in Canada including the Royal Bank Of Canada and ICICI Bank of Canada.
  4. We established a relationship with EDC.
  5. We became members of numerous associations including CSCA, CICILS, Sugar Club, Pulses Canada, CFEA, EDC, STEP, CICILS, GPC and ICCC.


Jalles Agroindustrial added a new trader to establish our dried fruit and spices line.


  1. Our Food Division expanded into sugar and salt.
  2. Jalles Agroindustrial launched its Chemicals Division, supplying to international manufacturing companies.


Our Food Division expanded into sunflower, soybean and vegetable oils.


Jalles Agroindustrial opened its first office in Ludhiana, India to manage the Far East and Southeast Asia markets.


We opened our second office in Vadodara, India.


Our Food Division expanded into frozen vegetables, frozen fruit, rice and spices.


Launched its Chemical Division to distribute chemical products.


Jalles Agroindustrial acquired its Canadian Grain Commission License and launched its Pharmaceutical Division, supplying prescription drugs for clinical trial. We also started to attend world-class tradeshows on a regular basis including Anuga, Sial, NY Fancy Food Tradeshow, Gulfood Trade Show Dubai, and several fiberglass and chemical trade shows. By this time, we had established over 200 first-class supply source partners around the globe and over 250 loyal buyers across 5 continents. We began to conduct business activities in 40+ countries on any given day.


Jalles Agroindustrial moved its international headquarters to 481 University Avenue, Suite 301, Toronto.


We’ve bid farewell to standalone accounting software, documentation and custom-designed software and have now implemented a complete ERP system that connects our Administration, Logistics, Sales, Finance and Documentation Departments.
Jalles Agroindustrial has redesigned and redeveloped its flagship website to reflect a current and professional style with a focus on SEO.

And our journey continues…

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